Below is a list of Kawasaki motorcycle models currently in stock. Some models may have all the motorcycle parts available, some may only have a few parts left.

Email us on goodpartsnz(at)gmail(dot)com for any enquiries. We ship anywhere in New Zealand, Australia and other international destinations

Kawasaki Motorcycles

Make Model Year
Kawasaki ZZR250 1990-1993
Kawasaki GPZ750 1983
Kawasaki ZXR250C 1991
Kawasaki ZZR600 1990
Kawasaki KR250 1984
Kawasaki GPX400 1988
Kawasaki GPZ1000 1986
Kawasaki ZZR1100 1997
Kawasaki ZR250 Balius 1994
Kawasaki GPZ900 1984
Kawasaki ZXR250A 1989
Kawasaki GPX250 1987
Kawasaki ZZR600 2004
Kawasaki ZX9 1998
Kawasaki ER500 1997
Kawasaki ZX9 1994
Kawasaki ZXR400 1990
Kawasaki ZXR750 1992
Kawasaki GPX750 1988
Kawasaki GPZ250 1987
Kawasaki KR1 1988
Kawasaki ZZR400 1990
Kawasaki ZX6R 1998
Kawasaki GSR250 1988
Kawasaki KE100 1975
Kawasaki S2 250 1975
Kawasaki GPZ500 1992
Kawasaki ZZR1100C 1993
Kawasaki GPX750 1988
Kawasaki GPZ400 1988
Kawasaki GPZ305 1984
Kawasaki EX250 1984
Kawasaki GTR1000 1991
Kawasaki ZX6R 1995
Kawasaki GPX250 2007
Kawasaki ZX10R 2006
Kawasaki Z750 2004
Kawasaki GPX600 1988
Kawasaki ZX6R 1999
Kawasaki ZX6R 1995
Kawasaki EX650A 2008
Kawasaki ER650R 2011

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