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Yamaha MT-01

Current stock ranges from 1980’s models which are becoming increasingly hard to source spares for, through to late model bikes.  I do not stock parts for offroad motorcycles or scooters, only road bikes.

Most motorcycle parts are currently sold through TradeMe but now, you can make enquiries and order your bike part requirements through this website!

We will update this site regularly with all our latest acquisitions. If there are any motorbike parts that you are interested in but for some reason you can’t find it here, drop us an email on goodpartsnz@gmail.com for any queries.

We acquire bikes regularly so there may be a model that we haven’t had the chance to list yet.

While some models may have all parts available, others may have few parts remaining, so please email us with your specific part requirements and we will reply promptly.

Happy trolling. Hope you enjoy the ride 🙂

59 responses to “Welcome to Good Parts New Zealand

  • ashley payne

    hi there

    am trying to track down of sv650 wheels and discs, my bike is a k6 so i think from k3 onwards they the same. Not having much luck tho


    • goodparts

      Hi Ash,
      dont think I can help currently, nearest I would have is an 03 Hayabusa, but rear wheel would be too wide and front wheel looks to have different axle at least. I do know Falsgrave Auto Spares here in Christchurch were dismantling a late model SV650 recently. Could be worth giving them a call on 03 366 2374. Let me know how you go and I will keep your contact details if you dont have any luck.

  • Phil

    Hi, looking for a few bits for a VTEC VFR800, Have you wrecked one or do you know of someone who has? Thanks v much.

    • goodparts

      Hi. Only part I have currently is a 2008 red RH fairing panel. Its in excellent order other than a couple of minute grazes. Had to be repolaced as part of an insurance claim. This is available @$250. Happy to send photos if your interested. Cheers Simon

  • terry

    Hi looking for indicator lens for 2004 Suzuki GSX 250. Can youngelp at all? Thanks

    • goodparts

      Hi Terry,
      I think I have an indicator unit from that model but will need to check in next couple of days for you. Damn earthquakes creating havoc here again today, so things are a bit up in the air. email me back at goodpartsnz@gmail.com Cheers Simon

  • Kerran

    Hi Simon,

    Wanting to know if you have any stock of front forks for a 1996 Honda Hornet 250 CB250FT?

    Cheers Kerran

    • goodparts

      Hi Kerran,
      thanks for your enquiry. At this stage I only have a single fork leg (the leg without the brake caliper mount) avaibable, so sorry cant help with a pair. Cheers Simon

  • Steve

    I have a CR80 (maybe 8 – 10 years old) and a (one of the Chinese brand) quads it has wider rear rims and tyres, after market exhaust and such, dead battery. I would imagine they both still go, haven’t started them or moved them from in my garage for about 4 years, but I would like them gone.. are you buying at the moment?

    • goodparts

      Hi Steve,
      I only deal in road bikes so these are not something I would generally purchase, but thanks for the offer. Cheers Simon

  • Shaun

    I have a CBR954RR 2002, and wondered if you have a regulator\rectifier for it? thank you

  • Phil Sellar

    Hi Goodparts,I am trying to find a Rectifier for a Honda CBR 1000F 1992, I would really like to have the plug and some wiring out of plug so I can soldier into my wiring loom.Number on my old Rectifier is SH 261-12. Ta Phil

  • francewavidok

    Hey mate, need the left handlebar and rear foot shifter for the Hyosung GT250r, you wouldn’t happen to have any would ya?

  • jeff

    Hi ya…. i’m looking for a regulator for my sv650sx yr 2000, no. 258-10 thats off my old one. or esr123 best I could find….. ta jeff

  • Gordon Ritchie

    Hi There,
    I am after some bits off a Yamaha FZR400 or 600 (late 80’s early 90’s)
    I am after a complete front end; forks, yokes, wheel with discs and callipers, also a rear wheel, all in good nick.
    I am aware there are a few different models – I am after fork size of 38mm, and I think front wheel size of 17 or 18” x 3” and rear wheel of 18” x 4”.
    Please let me know what you might have and cost.

  • Murray guy

    Hi u txt me about parts for my 1989 gsxr 400 could u please txt me again with a number so i can ring you.sorry but deleted your txt by accident

  • glenn

    I was woundering if you had any parts for a gsxr 1100 in stock? First thing would be a full exhaust and then any other bits n bobs you may have in stock. Glenn

    • goodparts

      Hi Glen,
      I have parts from a GSXR1100L and also the last model (GSXR1100W). No full exhaust systems. If you email me directly at goodpartsnz@gmail.com and let me know what parts you may require, and what model GSXR1100 you have we can go from there. Cheers Simon

  • tane

    Hi there
    I have a 1982 suzuki gsx 400 Impulse. And im looking for a particular part a CDI Ignition box. If you may have one around. Cheers Tane

  • lyndon

    hi im after several parts for a 2003 triumph tiger 955i rear foot pegs, indicator(s), mirrors x 2 and assembly switch just to name a few

    • goodparts

      Hi Lyndon,
      sorry cant help with those. The only Triumph I have dismantled currently is a 2006 Sprint 1050. Cheers Simon

  • Dave

    Hi, Do you have any radial brake master cylinders from a GSXR1000 K7 or newer. I want to replace the standard, non radial unit on my K41k Gix. Cheers Dave

  • Jeff

    Hey I’m currently looking for a kawasaki zx600e or a 6e as a replacement motor for my go cart would you have one or know where to get one cheers for your time

    Regards Jeff

  • adam raumati

    Hi there I am currently restoring a 1981 kawasaki z440 c2 do you by any chance have anything in stock? Compatible with various z400 parts and kz parts etc.
    Much appreciated Adam.

  • John

    Hi there
    I’m looking for an exhaust can tofurkey my vfr400 1986. I don’t care if it’s no origional and I can make it fit.

    Thanks john

  • Bronson

    Hi there im looking for a 1988 Suzuki savage front fender guard. can u help me.

  • Shaun

    Hi there
    I am looking for YAMAHA YZF600R THUNDERCAT 2006 YZF 600 R FAIRING BOLTS,can you please let me know if you have any. shaun.6503@gmail.com



  • patrick

    hi do you have the exhaust collector box for cb 400t 250t /n regards paddy

  • Riz

    Hi, I dropped my 2004 Suzuki SV650 k4 on its left today and snapped the shift lever, cracked the radiator and scraped the front mudguard (yellow). Any chance you would have replacements? cost? Thanks Riz

  • Karl Obrien

    Hi there I am looking for fairing for a hyosung gt250r from the front foot pegs around and up to the light could you please help me with any and how much

  • Rowena Long

    Have damaged my trike, most of it is K75s ,1986.. looking for forks, handlebar, instrument panel ,headlight and fairings. Is there anything? Thank you, Ro

    • goodparts

      Hi Ro,
      sorry to hear about your trike, and I hope you are ok yourself. The only part I may be able to help with is a headlight. I have one from a 1989 K100LT. Not sure if its the same as on your K75, but you can email me directly at goodpartsnz@gmail.com and I can send photos for you to compare. Cheers Simon

  • triston

    hi ther
    do you guys have any honda vlx – vt 600 parts available

  • Jason Elvy

    Hi Simon, just inquiring if you have a keyset for 1200 Vmax ?
    Many thanks


    • goodparts

      Hi Jase.
      Yes I have a lock set (ignition switch, tank cap and seat lock) with a single key, from the Vmax 1200 in stock, at $120 plus postage. If you email me at goodpartsnz@gmail.com I can provide photos and further details,. Cheers Simon


    Hi. I’m looking for a rear seat for the 2009 Predator CB1000R. The condition is not important just needs to be functional. Cheers

  • DION

    Do you have a front brake reservoir for 94 ducati 900ss. Probably similar to many ducati models. Thanks.

  • Shawn Duffy

    I am looking for Suzuki Gsx250 part, a CDI ignition unit. Thanks.

    • goodparts

      Sorry all sold. These are an issue with this model, along with the CDI pickups (pulse coils) so you may find a CDI hard to come by. Cheers

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